Hey Friends !!!

Hello Friends ,

There is a song I got to listen , "Soemthing Beautiful " by NewsBoys , which has become one of my favourites ever since. Its a Song of New Beginnings- The Lyrics are " Lyrical " , if i may say so ..

For those of you who have heard Stryper - the original J.E.S.U.S chant , the frontman of Stryper - Michael Sweet has come out with his new album - Together As One. Most of the songs are written for his wife who is battling cancer and at his wife;s insistence , he is publishing this Album.

Tree 63 the Band from down under is slowly , steadily , but surely rising in popularity.

Have you ever imagined your reaction when you will meet Jesus The King Face to Face - Listen to Mercy Me - I can Only Imagine -

Nothing Else ..Fought with all my closest Girl Friends , IT was Cherry's Bday on Sept 3rd and Chinchu wanted me to wish her on Sept 2nd !! I guess all my close friends are Virgos !!!
Litty is joining our gang and guys mind you its a HE !!! Well if Binsu can be a " He " , then why not Litty !!!

Mally folks are crazy wen it comes to names - They are a BRAND apart !!! You know the utter mindlessness of our poor folks when they go around chasing names like the ones we have. For " not " instance , my friend Smita had a child and named him ANSH ..that sounds class!!

I would have preferred a Hindu - Indianish Name anyday to the one I've got- Shyam, Arjun , Abhishek, Pratap, Raja- these sound nice , easy on the lips , and quite a majestic ring to it ..So guys When U name your kids , make sure it means something to the kid , or at least let it sound nice - Do it the Hebrew Way - Let the Name Define the Person !!!

So long , its a lifelong angst - name trouble - [:D]

See ya very soon...


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