A Punjabi Christmas Nite


Hola Guys!!!!

Hope you Guys had a Rocking Christmas Season!!!! Incidentally mine turned out to be better than I had imagined . My Pastor invited me over to Punjab coz he happened to go for his vacations there and thought it a great idea if I tagged along !!! Now , how on earth he happened to come up with that Idea , it beats my muddled brain completely , but the fact remains PUNJAB is a ROCKING place !!!! even with ME around !!!

One of the highlights of my time there was a CAR TRIP to RANJIT SAGAR Dam somewhere up there near Pathankhot…. Imagine the fright of my life when the Car zipped past a motorcycle at over 80 km /hr and we barely missed a frightened woman
Right in the centre of the Road ..am sure that Woman saw heaven , hell and the deep sea all together in that split second ..Unfortunately friends , the pics that we had clicked remains on the Mobile Cam …Hopefully , our Friend BANKA (YES HE WAS THE DARE DEVIL of a driver) will bring it over when he comes over to Delhi.

Maybe I hope to see those guys there again for my next X-mas!!! And yes we are planning to bring the Band over to Delhi for a Jam at a Mall nearby … And on the 25 th nite Glorious Jammed late into the nite and it was a treat...After all these years I was among the youth … It was a Revitalizer of Sorts for me!!!! We had Captured that on our Digi Cam …They will be uploading it on You tube Soon !!!

And my suggestion is if you ever feel right in the pits...Pack up and go all out to Punjab!!! Since my trip was not planned, I traveled Ticket less on a Jammu Mail Sleeper Compartment that was supposed to seat 72 persons and carried well over 100 people ..Taking pity on my condition a Generous Fauji from Orissa offered me butt space on his seat which well would have belonged to the TTE, if Laloo decides to place a TTE in each and every Compartment … Coupled with the Cold Freezing Nite Journey and the liters and litres of ….you know what …people were peeing into the Railway tracks …I had much less time enjoying the Seat I was provided , and Well in all the time in between I remember praying a lot of fraud , fake pious prayers ... “ So What’s New ? ” , Says my God !!! He has a fine sense of humour I say.

In between programs I read through a biography on Sadhu Sundar Singh and seated on the verandah on that cold winter morning I fully realized what it meant to be stripped naked and thrown out of the house at nite just because the beatific Sadhu put his trust on the One that Was Crucified for him !! We fail to comprehend the extent of his sufferings sitting in our cozy couches!!! Now I realize why Jesus Loves Such as these !! They are His precious on earth!!! What a privilege!!!

The Pics from our Car Trip is Pending ..I bank all my efforts on Banka and Josh !!

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