How does one deal with a multitude of challenges at once, using God’s word?

I haven't seen such wisdom or anointing in any answer to a question such as this.

Please see below the question and the answer following .

 I know we are being taught to get scriptures to deal with challenges we may be facing and use it to conquer them, but what do I do when it’s a multitude of challenges – health, finances, my faith, wisdom and direction, strength etc? Which scripture do I use to deal with all these at once, or do I deal with them one after the other. If so, in which order do I tackle them?

ANSWER : Well, you said “…I know we are being taught to get scriptures to deal with challenges;” you’re not being taught to get scriptures to deal with challenges. That’s the erroneous idea and actually, that’s why you’re getting a bit confused. Here’s the point: the scriptures are not being used to deal with problems. The scriptures communicate to you the thoughts of God – the mind of God – and they bring to you the ministry of the Word, so that when that ministry works in your spirit, and you have an understanding of God’s word in your spirit [that is you understand his will and purpose], then you can function with the wisdom of God.
Now, that wisdom will deal with all manner of problems, by the anointing, at a direction of God’s spirit. That’s what you need; you don’t need to deal with the problems, like one after the other. No.! You need to bring the word into your spirit. It’ll strengthen your spirit, and it’ll give you direction, so you’ll be able to deal with all manner of problems, in the same way. Maybe this should be clear to you:all problems are really the same. They’re not different. They’re all the same; they just show up in different ways, but they’re all the same.
That’s why Jesus is called the Word of God. He’s the seed of God, and He came as God’s answer to every problem. He is one answer to all questions and to all problems. So, don’t look at it like trying to get scriptures to deal with problems. Get the scriptures into your heart, to understand the mind and purpose of God and the will of God. Have the word in you to produce in you the will of God and you will deal with all kinds of problems. They don’t have to be in any particular order.

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