Super Natural Accidents - God's Real Estate Business

So for all those who wanna hear my little Miracle Story -

Read On!!

How many of us do actually think that God is interested

in the minute details of our life?

I mean We know God knows everything about us,

but do we actually think He cares about those very things

He knows ? !!!!

I am reminded of a Word@Parra - how Ajay

explained a verse - God is INTIMATELY acquainted

with ALL our WAYS!!!!

I don't know of any other meaning other than the obvious !!!

That He is In Everything We Do ...and this verse is in the

OT - !!!! Well , how much more now that His Holy Spirit

resides right within !!

So right on with my Miracle Story - But a Little Back Ground

that you can identify why it means so much to me ..

I was living in a small shacked up place earlier - and getting

fed up of that place , I asked God for a nice house !!! Well , to

that prayer HE answered me over and beyond my expectations !!!

Not a day passed without my thanking Him for the house He enabled

me to get at such a medium rent !! The house was peaceful, the owners

were very nice people and the neighbours were well aloof but

non intrusive ..What more could you ask for ?

So Imagine my Consternation when I was asked to Move out..IT seems

that; that particular section of the building where my house was situated

was in I guess the Demolition Zone and I had to vacate it within a week !!

So cutting the intro short lemme go straight to the Time Line - 25th October

- The Day I have to Vacate and Still no House in Sight !!! I set out looking for

houses on rent ~!! - My Pastor had instructed me , "Pray for Right Contacts ,

Pray for the Right Place, if something seems to be accidental , dont overlook

God's hand in it!!

Well with that particular prayer , I set out looking for accidents !!!Can you

Believe it ? People can be so Dumb me !!!

I started with a particular block in the enclave - I figured God will at least

lead me to a nice house like the one I am staying in right now -

I met a particular Shopkeeper who seemed to be a nice fellow .He told me that

no houses were on rent in that particular block .The time was 9.00 AM

After seeing a couple of houses or wat looked like houses – (the details of which I

Will save for a later date) I was dejected and in course of my wanderings

reached the Exact Point I started accidentally since these blocks were u know

all in obscure squares.Accidentally and this time I didn't notice the Accident!!!

The Time was 12.00 Noon.

So weary and really disappointed I walked right ahead , not waiting to

acknowledge the shop keeper . Just when I was about to turn the corner

this person called me from behind .I walked over to his shop and seems like

a fellow devotee at one of the temples he goes to was looking to let out his

room and he suddenly remembered !!! In a short while I was at his friends

place and as soon as I met his parents a certain peace prevailed in my heart.

I felt the Lord saying Yes to this particular place .It seemed to fit the description

my Pastor had of my future residence ...Elated I Went Right Ahead !!

So the shopkeeper’s accidental encounter with a fellow devotee many days

ago and my accidentally reaching the same place twice …So many accidents.

Can you think of the many accidents that God can change in your favour ?

Would you like to share with the other readers some of your SuperNatural

Accidents? You can write to me using the comments page or use the Email the

Author option !!!

Just the other day , Tibi asked me Do I go to God for such a simple

thing like a house? Huh?!! She found it silly…Guess What ? I Do ..For

what may seem silly to others aint so in the eyes of the Lord.

I do because I know HE cares and HE is interested !!! Do You ?

Blessings and Share Your Wonderful Stories too!!

Read the Comments Section in this Page to Enjoy Your Stories !!!

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