Welcome Guys ..Gals Included ...wink ..

To My Innermost Circle of Friends,

Guys and Gals ..Welcome Again ... You are the ones I hold dear in all my life here on earth and preferably I will share my eternity with you in heaven !!

So here I'm going to unravel the mysteries of my heart to you guys and gals as I go along this journey called Life!!!

Lots been happening and I figured why not get a Blog Done .. (Thanks Nisha ..for all your encouragement ..Its taken Root !!)

And on the Right , is a picture from My Sister's Wedding ..This happens to be the latest update from my side.In a very special way I was blessed to be a part of this time of her life.More on that laters...

To those of who know me as Shyam , I wish to tell you BRM and Shyam is one and the same.

To those who know me as Mathew , I wish to tell you there is more to my name than just Mathew !!

To those who know me as Binsu , plz call me something Nice !! (Wonder what came over my folks when they named me...METHINKS they were waiting for a gal..or were plain surprised to see a MAN CHILD...After all I was their First Born!! Or maybe Dad must have mumbled sum thing like "Did I Do This ,Oops ?!!!" and the nurse heard
Binsu !!!

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