"Peter ! I Want You, "says Jesus

(Exposition on Luke 5 by Bro Blessan)

Huge crowds thronged Jesus wherever He went .

One such day, when the crowds were "pressing in on Jesus "
he got onto a boat !

Question - Of the thousands of boats that were docked on the
lake shore, he saw TWO boats.Why did Jesus get on Peter's Boat ?
Answer - Well for the same reason Jesus stood under the tree
on which perched little Zachaeus !
Jesus says,"I want YOU Peter !

- thrust out a little from the land and spoke to the crowd

Question - Why did Jesus move away from the crowd ? Shouldnt
he have been nearer the shore ? Shouldnt he be close to the crowd ?

Answer - If the boat is docked , then Simeon wont be needed , but if
the boat is in the water , who will steady the boat when Jesus is preaching?
Simeon cant leave the boat and go and in the middle of the water , Simeon
cant leave the boat and go wash nets !! He had no choice but to listen to Jesus
share the Word .

and when he had finished speaking -

Jesus spoke to the crowds on the shore , but there was one with him on the boat
who heard him speak all the sermon thru - Poor Peter.Jesus SAW him for a great
WORK on EARTH.Many a times Jesus will not directly speak to you, coz He knows
you wont listen.Being the wise God HE is, He will "put you in a spot" and then
speak the Word.

How many of us have been in pretty difficult spots and had no choice but to listen
to the WORD ? JESUS says,"Peter, I need you "

and WHEN he had FINISHED speaking -

To the blind man, Jesus didn't teach on the Word. To the bleeding woman Jesus
didn't spend time teaching, but for Peter - He made him sit through a SERMON.

WORD FIRST , then Jesus turned to address the NEED !!

(read my earlier post on Miracles and the Word by Bro Blessan)

Simon, Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch of fish !

Jesus didnt ask Peter !! He knew it all along that Simon Peter had struggled
to make his ends meet. Then why didnt Jesus do the Miracle first? and the
Sermon later ? Lets look at Peters response

"Master - at your word .. I WILL"

How did this change come about? coz he been listening to what Jesus spoke all
along ..Now Peter is ready to get some Faith in ..At your WORD I WILL

( read my note on Prophetic Encounter and Prophetic Impartation - Bro Blessan )

Wow Wow Wow !! I cant barely hold the revelations in !! Its POWERFUL !!

Lets continue with the drama -

Result "and WHEN they HAD dont this , they inclosed a HUGE Multitude "

The Miracle is not just to feed Peter's belly ,

he beckoned unto his partners which were in the other ( SECOND) ship

Jesus had his eyes on the SECOND BOAT too and HE chose to call them this way ..
through Peter and through the Miracle in Peter's life !

vs 10 says these partners were JAMES and JOHN !!

JESUS SAW them TOO !! but they are going to come through YOU !!
Jesus says, " I need you PETER "

vs 11 - THEY FORSOOK ALL and went with him..Why ??

look at the word "THEY" .Tho Jesus got on Peter's boat ....
Not just PETER - BUT JAMES , JOHN and ANDREW too..


I feel like shouting JESUS says , " I NEED YOU PETER"

vs 8 and vs9 vs 11 - when Peter SAW , he FELL down !!

Look what the Miracle did - It confirmed the Deity of Jesus ! and
APPOINTED some people for a DIVINE WORK in HISTORY !!

and Jesus Appoints him with this DIVINE PROCLAMATION

"Fear NOT , Henceforth , I will make you FISHERS of MEN "

Jesus had no problems with Peter's personality. If God made you
then He also knows how to repair you.

But in that Awesome PROCLAMATION , JESUS Said

" I WILL MAKE YOU " Leave it upto Jesus !!

What God plans to accomplish through you will shake the
ground beneath your feet ..thats why He said,"FEAR NOT"

Gods work through you WILL ALWAYS Be BIGGER THAN YOU !!

so FEAR NOT , for I WILL MAKE YOU !! says Jesus

Blessed ?Aye are you blessed ? Is it Shouting and Rising up inside you ?

( I have taken the liberty of presenting what Bro Blessan spoke in my style , but it
maintains the Spirit with which he spoke . I have added more revelations where the
Holy Spirit spoke so into my heart as I meditated on it.But ALL CREDIT
to Bro Blessan. I Thank the LORD for a Man like HIM !!)

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