Generations later, a small strapping lad whom even his father didn’t
think him fit enough to be a soldier in the army and delegated him
as a lowly shepherd boy was SEEN by GOD .

Look at what YHWH told Samuel, “ I have SELECTED a King for MYSELF
among his sons” and when Samuel anointed David with oil , the BIBLE
says the spirit of YHWH rested mightily upon David from that day
forward. (NASB version) David told Saul, “While I was tending sheep
…I have killed both the lion and the bear and this UNCIRUMCISED
Philistine will be like one of them”

I have always thought that David was anointed to kill the lion and
the bear and that’s why he did what he did. This passage tells us
that the anointing came only later – AFTER he killed the LION and
the BEAR . Evidently he knew the terms of the Covenant –
whatever shape they came in , he refused to let them rule. LION
BEAR, GIANT..NO trespassing! Now do you see Why GOD SELECTED
DAVID ?!! He was a practiced killing “his’ giants before he went for
the BIG ONE !

We want God to use us to kill the GOLIATHS of the Land, but wait ,
First kill the LION, Kill the BEAR who is trespassing your land and
stealing away the sheep under your care ! Then even if you are holed
up in the depths of this big wide world, God will send His anointed
prophet to where you are !!

And when that happens, look at what God will cause people to
do for you.

I Samuel 16: 18 says of “a young man” who spoke to King Saul,
“I have seen a son of Jesse ..who is a skilful musician, a mighty man
of valor , a warrior , one prudent in speech, and a handsome man
and YHWH is with him”

People unknown to you will recommend your name to the President
and to the people in high positions.

They will say of you ‘YHWH is with you!’

Look at this wonderful passage of the Scripture :

2 Samuel 2: 1-4 says David inquired of the Lord where should I be
anointed King and it’s interesting that the YHWH LORD said,
“to HEBRON” Whoooo!! Interesting !!

Now it has come to its HEIGHT of GLORY- Israel’s favourite King was
crowned in HEBRON – Amazing that a GIANT SLAYER is crowned
KING in the Land formerly known as the LAND of the GIANT ARBA!!
Isaiah 62 :3 is for you : “ Gentiles shall see thy righteousness and all
kings they glory and thou shall be called by a NEW NAME , which
the mouth of YHWH shall name”

O! KINGS and PRIESTS of the KINGDOM – Hasn’t he promised, “Take heart,
I have overcome the world”! Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to
WAR!! Again let us look at some interesting scriptures

Numbers 13:2 and 6 say Caleb was a leader among the sons of Judah.
I Samuel 17:12 says David belonged to the tribe of Judah.
Mathew 1:1 begins by wrapping it all in the verse “THE BOOK of generation of

(Wow, I don’t doubt whether it was actually the Holy Spirit who inspired
Mathew to write that cumbersome genealogy. It ain't boring anymore! )

Jesus chose to come from the lineage of Judah. THE LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH

And outside Judah’s city gates, on the MOUNT of GOLGOTHA , He CONQUERED
the GREATEST GIANTS of all – DEATH and SIN !! Now He holds the Keys of Death
and Hades and Beckons to all who would care to listen -
Isaiah 62 : 4 says “ Thou shalt be a Crown of Glory in the hand of the LORD and a
ROYAL DIADEM in the hand of thy GOD”

Do you RECEIVE THIS TODAY? Blessings to all!



We have seen how Hebron was where Abraham buried
Sarah. Sarah was the Mother of the Promise .It was where
the co-labourer of Abraham was buried. She helped bring
forth the Promise to the world.

Genesis 23 says Abraham buried Sarah in the cave of field
of Macphelah facing Mamre ( that is Hebron) in the land
of Canaan. So the field and the cave that is in it were
deeded over to Abraham for a burial site by the sons of Heth.
It’s interesting to note that Hebron was called Kiriath Arba
even in the times of Abraham and the people of the land
respected Abraham so much that they said “Hear us my Lord,
you are a MIGHTY PRINCE among us.” What had happened to
the children of Abraham that generations later they called
themselves GRASSHOPPERS before the very people that
bowed down before their FATHER ?

My Brother , My Sister WHOSE CHILD ARE YOU ?

Hebron was earlier occupied by Giants – and they named it
Kiriath Arba – after the father giant Arba who begat Anak,
who in turn had three giant clans – Ahiman , Sheshai and
Talman. It was at this land that Caleb boldly proclaimed;
Let us go up at once for YHWH is with us. The unbelief of the
Israelites stopped Caleb from carrying out his mission.
Forty Five years later, Caleb went ahead and “dispossessed”
the three giants and renamed it Hebron. Othniel, his nephew
and later his son in law caught hold of his spirit and became a
GIANT SLAYER himself. Speak of Impartation.

Joshua 14:14-15 says Hebron , THEREFORE , became the
INHERITANCE of CALEB the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite
BECAUSE that he wholly followed YHWH , God of Israel.
CAN you see this ? What was deeded to Abraham finally
became an inheritance to


Do you see the New Testament as a Title Deed? Our Lord has
already won the Victory over all .

GO IN AND POSSESS the LAND –by FAITH in our Lord!

Where did you bury your God given Promise/Dream? Is it
today known by the GIANTS living in that land? Today if you
believe; the LORD wants to give it back to you for an INHERITANCE !
Where were u Buried and Bowed down? IF you will, (again I say IF)
believe, IT will be your INHERITANCE ! Keep it for generations !


God has called us to a life of endless testimonies.( Pastor Chris)


But many Christians don’t seem to like or some others like me just don’t know that there are giants in the lands to conquer. Israelites were surprised at everything they saw in the land of Canaan. When God promised Canaan to the Israelites, he didn’t mention the Giants in the land. But HE sure did say, “A Land flowing with milk and honey “.Can you dig that? God promised them the Land and let the Giants run loose!! We might think God is pretty suicidal. If so, we are in good company. Those who died in the desert thought the same!!

Take Care – Huge Problems Precede High Promotions. IF GOD wants to FAST TRACK your PROMOTION, He is going to put you through some HEAVY DUTY PROBLEMS!

God is not an unjust God. God has called us from faith to faith. Faith is useless, unless it’s tested.
How else do we know that we have crossed over from LEVEL ONE to LEVEL TWO !!

Numbers 13:22
Now Israelites came to the Land of Negev as far as HEBRON where dwelt 3 Giants (or tribes of Giants) the Ahiman, Sheshai and Talmai .They belonged to Anak.
Verse 28 says – WE(the spies) SAW the CHILDREN of ANAK there. Well so did Caleb and Joshua !!
Why is it that some of us see the Children of ANAK and some of us see the LORD our God?
(Number 14: 7-10)
Look at what Joshua and Caleb saw,

The land IS EXCEEDING good
DON’T FEAR the People of the land (He didn’t even call them GIANTS)
for they are BREAD (Oops!! He meant EASY PREY in our lingo) for us…
their defense is departed from them ( now HOW did he see THAT?)
fear them not for the LORD is with US ( He meant Hey Look Here , the Jehovah LORD is
with us, not them. So THEY better FEAR US!)

Christians, REFUSE to FEAR and WORRY for anxiety never works. (Pastor Chris).

Instead be strong and courageous. Let’s look through our faith filled eyes and see what the Word tells us about your situation. The manual is the Word.

Now Caleb is 85 years old and he has come to the same place he had said “ Let us go up at ONCE “
Look at the order of things. Joshua gave him the land – again giants and all. Nothing is changed 

Joshua 15:13-14, 15, 16, 17

Now Joshua gave to Caleb, Kiriath Arba. Arba being the father of Anak.

So here we know the root cause for all these GIANTS - ARBA and the land was called KIRIATH ARBA.

And CALEB ( look again at the word “AND”-HE FIRST had the land from the LORD – and THEN HE ….)

DROVE OUT ( the Hebrew word is yarash- TO DISPOSSESS ..does it strike a chord ? )

the THREE sons of ANAK – Sheshai , Ahiman and Talmai , the children of Anak.

(The BIBLE reiterates their names and their status – children of Anak .. UNTILL WE DISPOSSESS the GIANTS from the LAND even after 40 years they gonna play golf there and GOD will not change a thing , except put GIANT Number TWO – Sheshai ahead of GIANT Number ONE - Ahiman !! and that’s a pretty sorry consolation.

Unless we pass a particular test, God will just not promote us. It’s not safe for us and we are not much good for Him either.


We are now introduced to a third GIANT KILLER in the play and his name is Othniel – the son of Caleb’s brother. He went ahead and SMITES the people ofDebir. It must have been a pretty awesome achievement because Othniel got to marry Caleb’s daughter . You see Othniels daddy died in the desert and he must have been young when Numbers 13 happened. He was obviously raised up by Caleb and
now do u see the same spirit in Othniel as was in Caleb !!
Be careful whom you stick around with , you gonna CATCH THEIR SPIRIT , literally !


This is another matter of deep study and I will condense it – Hebron was where Abraham had built an altar and where Sarah was buried and this land was important for the JEWS,and CALEB got it !

If today your life is defined by the Giants running rampage there , its your SEASON to call TIME – OUT FOLKS .I am coming and henceforth this land will be called HEBRON!

Later in history, HEBRON became the ROYAL CITY of DAVID !

Oh ZION , you cry “THE LORD HAS fORSAKEN ME “ Hear now the Word of the LORD to him whom man despiseth, to him whom the nations abhoretth, to a SERVANT of rulers “ KINGS shall see and arise , princes shall worship , because the LORD is faithful and HE will CHOOSE thee , for I AM YHWH and they shall NOT be ashamed who WAIT for ME” ( Isaiah 49)


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