On Eagle's Wings !!!!

While all of us know " Hotel California" - by the Eagles , the well known American Rock Band , what I am going to discuss today is the Inspiration Behind the Name - The EAGLE.

I was inspired to go deeper into this after listening to Jon Courson who was taking a BIBLE STUDY on well guess what EAGLES !!!!So as a start to the unintiated EAGLES are heavy beaked , big footed birds of prey characterized by powerful vision .I believe these are its well known characteristics .If we delve deeper into the unknown characteristics of these birds , we will begin to admire it . So Lets start , with a little help from Jon Courson.

First Things First , THEY are MONOGAMOUS !!! It's a very FAITHFUL bird. It sticks with its mate for life !!! And it builds its nest on the top of high rocks in the crevices- literally the high places of the earth - away from the prying eyes.

The male and the female take turns to incubate the eggs once they are laid. The nest sometimes weigh up to a ton!! That shows how cozy the nest can be to the eaglets!!Once the eaglets are born , the Mother plucks some soft feather from her breast and pads up her young ones...

An eagle can fly up to 100 km per hour. That's how powerful they are !! And they dont Fly ...They Glide utilising the Air Currents to their advantage..Thats how they SOAR !!! Not like the other birds ..who have to flap flap flap ...definitely no chicken !!

Wanna learn how they learn to SOAR ? They dont LEARN ..THEY ARE TAUGHT and that too zabardasti... I am leaving out a lot of info which I have researched... Just sticking with those that will surely entertain and teach you ..But my research was well worth it... I loved every moment of it ...

The Eagles mate after a very elaborate ceremony ..The Male Eagle has to prove himself to his would be and after the TEST , they lock their talons together and turn head over heels and scream in joy....suspended quite a few feet high above the air ..And after the courtship and marriage , they go on to build nests ....Their nests are in high inaccessible locations with their back to a Rock !!! Try reading Job 39:27-29 ..Fron the Words of its Creator !!!

The nest is deep with a shallow 18 inches for the brooding area..Once the Eaglets reach a certain age , the mother Eagle knows when its time for the eaglets to learn to fly!! The Mother Eagle's Wing converts its Wings into a broom and and sweeps of the nest , every SOFT things the Eaglets are so accustomed too !!! Ha !! Dont we too have those times in life ? !! Read Deut 32:11

Now the Mother Eagle throws the brooding nest down the cliff !!! and Well the eaglets are carried on her back for a wild wild Roller Coaster Ride ... and while airborne , She flips over !!! Think of crazy things happening !!!

The screeching eaglets are left hurtling down at speeds that defy its tiny imagination...Just before it hits ROCK BOTTOM , the Father Eagle comes swooping down
to catch the Eaglet. Most Eaglets do not learn how to fly the first time , however this process is continued till they LEARN TO FLY !!!

Wonder why sometimes we are being hurtled down at mind defying speeds-- OUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS TEACHING US TO FLY !!! and HE will REPEAT it till we LEARN TO FLY !! and the best part is WE NEVER HIT ROCK BOTTOM !! Someone will catch us right before we hit the ROCKS !!!

Why does HE want us to fly ? EAGLES were created to FLY !! not be in nests all day.. It has two sets of eyelids , They can LOOK directly at the SUN ( SON?! ) and fly directly into it ...The HIGHER you SOAR , the dimmer the worlds pleasures grow in your eyes .. ETERNITY draws more light onto your LIFE ..And yes another important characteristic about Eagle's eyes is that they are always WET !!!

Heard about Eagles holding onto rocks and de feathering themselves .. ? Well thats the molting process it undergoes ...Calcium deposits appear on its beak and talons and the EAGLE walks like a TURKEY in the valley below ...it can no longer fly !!! Other Eagles who survived the onslaught ,,will now drop food into the valley for these molting eagles ... Remember friends , you go through the valley to help those who will one day be there like you ...

Once they renew their strength , they will climp the mountain they were raised on ,
"Look to Abraham your father , the rock from which you were hewed" ....and then they beat the Calcium Deposits of their beak and talons ..its a painful process !! AFTER this they SOAR higher than they did !! ITs the Nature's Way of teaching Eagles ....


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  1. Carley Says:

    Wonderful, Mathew. Thanks.

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