When Day starts at 3.30 PM

Ha ,

Who haven't had a really late day ? I mean sleeping 12 hours

straight .. (smile).

Its just what happened yesterday !!! I crashed at 10 in the nite

only to wake up at 3.00 next day evening. Needless to say my

poor Boss was ready with his tirade of punctuality and the

like ..Poor Thing , I pity him sometimes ;) .... with all the putting

up he has to do with me . I mean he would surely rue the day when

he met me ....The funny thing is he still remembers the day and

date when he interviewed me for the position !!And Yes, I report

at 4.30 PM for the days work and here I am doing my reports late into the

nite ....

A Pretty Philosophical Definition of a Blog like mine would be

"Narcissistic Introspection due to the Outward Exhibition of the

Sub Conscious" (laugh) ...........

I have uploaded a couple of songs , which are my perennial

favorites .Of note are Un Lugar Celestial ,The One ,

I will Lead You Home , Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

(BIBLE , in case you didn't notice ) and pretty much everything

in that list !

I used to believe that an MBA is necessary BEFORE you start

your career in a corporate. Now my personal experience is that

Success in the Work Place is 90 % skills and 5% hard work and

the other 5 % knowledge ; which you will attribute to the 2 doggone

years of slogging it out in a B School !!! Its the personal skills , office

administration skills .... I mean the lot !!! In real terms a skillful person

is a Real Manager ..Everything else is hogwash ..I mean I would

never have recruited myself for any darned position in this world !!! My

friend Cherry is a great example and still for some strange reason

continues to be my inspiration ...He is a Marketing Manager of a

reputed concern , a Musician who is about to cut his own Album ,

an acclaimed Worship Leader , Bible Teacher to the Youth and of course

a mentor to many like me ..I wonder Is this the Same Guy who studied with

me ? !! Hats off to you Cherry !!! And yes , he is working and pursuing his MBA !!!

More from you in my comments page ....Happy Listening.

Captured by His Love,

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