Michael W Smith , Joel Osteen , Steven Curtis Chapman

Hulloa Friends ,

Now for some Musik and Some Fun ... This edition contains endless links to the musicians official websites and some links to music i think which are good enough for you to listen ....Sorry This time , No pics !!!

Arguably , the most popular pianist and keyboardist in the Christian Circles , Michael W Smith endearingly called as Smitty by his fans is leading worship at Lakewood Church , the interdenominational Christian Centre established by the late Pr. John Osteen and now pastored by his son Joel Osteen at Compaq Centre .So if you happen to be in Houston, TX anytime on June 30th , 2008......Do Drop In and Send us the Feedback....
Listen here to Smitty !!

Mark my words , dear friend ..A Day is Coming when I will stand in that very church...Lakewood, An Oasis of Love and Compassion ..(smile) ..Cherry has made me an avid subscriber to Joel's podcasts ... I love them absolutely ..."

Please follow the link to MWS's website and listen to the song , "there is a place where i can go ...Here I am ..."

Months ago , after a very hectic day at the office , I was in the mood for some Dark Chocolate and Hot Creamy Coffee .. I took off to Baristas near Priya Theaters , Vasant Vihar alone with a book for company ...I was surprised to hear Paul Baloche and Point of Grace being played through the intercom speakers !!! Well I should say more than the Chocolate Brownie and the Fudge and the Black Currant Smoothie , it was the fact that Xtian music is considered " cool " that relaxed me and gave me a real high ..Of course , I tipped the waiter an extra Rs 50.00 for the music they had played that day ... Personally , I Think its such a great loss that i cant sing ...

Talking about losses , did you know Heather is leaving Point of Grace !!!! If you will remember , this was and is my personal favourite among all the Christian bands .For those of you acquainted with my first girl friend , we used to give each other POG tapes (wink) !! Such a great loss to see her go ..... Well , another moving on .... I guess :(

And Yes Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W Smith are getting together .. Isnt that wonderful ?

Remember the song " Dive" , by Steven Curtis Chapman..A very nice song ...I wish I could play some songs by these artists but this Blogger doesnt allow that functionality ..I wish they had an audio playback feature!!
Listen to Dive here..Steven recently lost his adopted daughter , Maria in an accident ....on the 22/05/08

Another wonderful Christian Musician , I really love to listen is Chris Tomlin from the Passion Conferences , I had mentioned in my earlier Blog .

All Thanks to Cherry and Sudds and Vin from Parra who impressed upon me that Xtian Musik is musically as good as the so called "secular" ones ..Well they have gathered some Grammys along the way !! Not Bad ,eh ?
Thank God for such godly influences at a very impressionable age !!! I still Dig Xtian Music !!!

So give me your take on Carrie UnderWood . ,,, U Dig Carrie ? So, Get back with your comments

Endeared by the Father's Heart ,

P.S :- For those of you who are wondering who Cherry is ..well, I will get back with a Snap of His with his Permission of course !!! God Bless You Cherry - for your part in "The Making of BRM "

2 Response to "Michael W Smith , Joel Osteen , Steven Curtis Chapman"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I've been to lakewood, huge n awesome!!! wonderful worship...

  2. BRM Says:

    Thanks Anon !!!

    I Envy you Dude(ette) ...I really DO ..

    But ONE DAY me tooooo !!!


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