Call to Prayer – Shyju Mathew

Have you been prayed for? Do you know firsthand the Power of Prayer?

The Hand that enables God to accomplish His will in your life. Let me share

the personal testimony of my friend. A very close friend of mine. Hooked

onto Jesus; he was desirous of Attending an International School of Worship.

The Almighty God had alternate plans and guided him to do his MBA in a

pre-dominantly Catholic institution. Once there under the influence of the

Holy Ghost he started a prayer group that swept the entire college with Revival

Fires! Many young and hurting found Jesus through this prayer cell during his

two years as a student! If this be you, would you like to be that instrument in

the Hands of our God. Read on for a soul stirring plea to travail in intercessory

prayer. Be the Elijah in your Office. Be the Daniel in your school. Stand up to God's

call on your life. Listen to Shyju Mathew as he pours his heart out

in this short article. Click HERE to Read .

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