October - Gandhi Jayanti - and - North Indian Weddings!!

Its been a While ....

I go by the rule , If you have nothing to share - Don't Publish ...

But So Much has been happening this month , that i thot it good to

share it with you all....

One of my dear pastor's birthday happened to be this month. His

4th Wedding Anniversary too occurred earlier in the week ... I think

its been one heaven of a joy ride for him and OF course if Uncle DGS

was here with us October would have been his favorite month !!!!

Me thinks , its a great month - All nice spiritual Things happen

this particular season !!!

It was Andrew's sister's marriage on Oct 4th - the best part

was shopping for the whole occasion .... and hey if i forget to add -

My dear Friend Cherry is getting married November 1st !!!! I don't

know how many times i have played his marriage in my mind's eye ....

Blame it on a not so mature mind .... He will always remain someone

so Close to my heart....Such a Joy , Such a Pleasure - Like David

sang - Your love is FAR GREATER

than that of Women!!! - I know what he was speaking of -

So to take of from where i left , Our entire shopping spree was limited

to a particular Mall in town - It was as if Three Monkeys(Yours Truly,

Simeon, Andrew)Descended from Outer Space to check out the Wares on

Display - A riot of laughter and lots of happy smiles were left behind

as we exited the mall that day-

Think upon this scenario - Two guys hoisting themselves up the Changing

Room of the Boys Section to "see" what the other guy is doing ....

Strutting around in female wear and posing in front of the mirror -

Commenting on each and every ware left in the mall and joking around

with the Sales Guys there -

And while we were waiting for Simeon to come over - a Beautiful

Blue Eyed Lass looks around - I couldn't help be fascinated by this

"anomaly" - I go over to this gal and the conversation goes

something like this

- Hey , Hi !! You got beautiful Blue Eyes -

- Hmmh ? (puzzled , fearful , questioning look)

- I just wondered whether u been staring at me all the while -

(I was in a pair of Blue jeans and Blue T Shirt -Coincidence ???)

- What ?? ( A Small Smile )

_ Ohh !! I Got it .. You been watching a Lot of Blue Films
at Home !!!

At this the gal accompanying her burst out laughing , Andrew

obviously was munching up his Chicken Kulcha somewhere ....

And then began the interaction - She was staying somewhere

around that place and she was well uhmm shopping

(hope u figured dat already !!! - I didnt , so i had to ask


I, well; left it at that - No i didnt take her number

and well She didnt ask mine either -

With that Simeon came over and we proceeded to Shop !!!

Wedding at Andrew's
I loved the North Indian Style of Marriage - Its grand ,

and Its expensive !!

Glitteringly Spectacular - Nothing else will do in North India -

People in South come to eat and dine during marriages - in

the North we go to celebrate !!! Well ,that's how a Marriage

should happen !!! and Yes,Gals come out decked in their beautiful

Best !!! Once the pictures are processed , I will send you

some snaps -

There was this Awesome Looking Gal in Black - She was a

Chick - a Purrfect 9 !! No way could i go up to her and strike

up a conversation - The only thing left was eyetronics - till I

chanced upon the photographer !!! I waved over the photo-

grapher and asking him to wait , I moved along to this gal and

asked her ever so politely ," Hi!! I want u stand by me for

a snap ...I need a picture of my self ,the photographer wants someone

to STAND by me - to ward of the evil eye that is !!"

Very quickly we start talking like buddies -

much to the chagrin of my friends (wink)

Its difficult to normally approach these beautiful looking gals

at a wedding - They expect to get hit on - but let me give u a hint

- Be Yourself - Be your Creative Best- Dont be a Dork - and keep

it at the level of Simple Enjoyable Friendship - It

takes the pressure out of every interaction - the Pressure to Impress

her and Yes!!!I am a VERY MONOGAMOUS guy - I invariably see the same

Woman in Every Woman I meet!!

Life is Beautiful , IF Beautiful Gals happen to be with you - Well

how else can u get it beautiful -

Something I noticed - GUYS out in the North are far better Looking

than their South Indian Counterparts - Couldnt but help notice -

this one obvious Disadvantage !!! They are more manly(or at least

looks it) and strut around like the Masters of the Brood !!!

Yes Today's is a Loong Post and U are free to comment at the end

of the post as Anonymous if the FBI - INTERPOL is trailing you -

_Stay Happy_ Remember Jesus Loves You


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    binsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..................tum kab sudharegaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????????????????????

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